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Boost Vitality: 5 Healthy Habits to Try in the New Year

Time to revitalize?

At this time of the year, it’s normal to reflect on the past year and wonder what you could work on to make the next one even better.

Whether it’s a performance goal or a bad habit you want to kick – there are many personal habits that you can pick up to feel energized, happier and healthier in 2022. After all, a sustainable and healthy lifestyle is key to promoting healthy testosterone levels and boosting levels of vitality.

If you’re at a loss on what to do, we have pulled together five healthy habits that you can try in the new year to support your T levels and refresh your vigor. Why not pick one to start with, and then add a further healthy habit each week as you progress?

Don’t forget to recognize your wins (no matter how small) as you go!

Let’s get into it.

5 Healthy Habits to Try in the New Year

1. Drink a Glass of Water as Soon as You Get Up

You probably already understand the importance of proper hydration for overall health. However, it’s not easy to keep on top of the habit.

Why not try out this simple way to drink more? Place a large glass of water next to your kettle, coffee pot or machine so that before you sip anything else, you’ll have a daily dose of hydration and know that you’ve achieved something healthy for your body.

Staying hydrated also helps maintain energy levels by energizing muscles.  Research has shown that dehydration reduces athletic performance, making you feel sluggish and off your game[1]. Up to 60% of the human body is water[2], so it makes sense that ensuring you receive adequate hydration can improve your vitality.

When it comes to supporting muscle growth too, water plays a key role. This is because it delivers the nutrients needed for producing protein and glycogen structures, the building blocks of muscles in the body.

2. Practice Stress Relief Everyday

While it’s hard to avoid in the modern age, stress is your body’s normal reaction to challenges and pressures of daily life. It serves an essential purpose, like enabling you to react quickly to threats and danger. However, extensive exposure to stress may lead to a range of potential risks[3].

Stress can also seriously influence testosterone levels, since increased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) affects the normal production of testosterone and the functioning of the male reproductive system[4]. This can then lead to decreased libido and even reduced sperm production.

That’s why it’s important to take the time to practice stress relief and do something daily that brings you some joy or calmness. This could be anything from:

– Spending time outside or going for a hike

– Eating a healthy, balanced diet

– Meditating

– Exercising

– Unplugging from social media

– Spending time with loved ones or friends

You could also practice asking yourself: How are you, really? Think of a word that describes exactly how you’re feeling and make sure you truly acknowledge it. This simple activity is said to be very helpful for calming stress and reducing negative thoughts.

Man practicing stress relief - healthy habits

3. Stretch More

Exercise a lot? You’ll understand that stretching is a key part of recovery and maintaining muscle growth. Stretching also increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to your worked muscles, helping them recover quickly.

Mobility is particularly important as you age and stretching properly can play a big part in boosting agility. It works to boost flexibility, coordination and balance and improves free movement. It’s essential for the normal, functional and daily movement of your body and can improve elasticity in muscles and boost joint extension so you can stay active. By stretching, you can support your body’s natural ability to move well (and age well).

You don’t need to give up an hour of your day to stretch. In fact, it’s possible to implement a three-minute stretching challenge into your day. What’s most important is to focus on the stretches that your body needs, and stretch areas that are achy.

Not sure where to start? Try these stretches to improve energy levels and mobility:

  • Overhead shoulder stretch – Stand with legs shoulder-width apart and your arms by your side. Interlock your fingers and place palms facing down. Keeping fingers interlocked, raise your arms and stretch them above your head with your palms facing towards the ceiling.

  • Hamstring stretch – Lie flat on the ground. Bring one knee in toward your chest and wrap a resistance band or towel around the arch of one foot, grabbing both ends of the item. Bend your knee out to 90 degrees, then straighten your leg, hold for a few seconds then bring your knee back to the starting position. Repeat and ensure you do it on each leg. 

  • Lower back stretch – Sit up in a chair and place your hands on the back of your head with elbows out wide. Twist to one side and drop the elbow down to your knee. Hold for 2 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.

4. Eat More Oily Fish or Supplement with Omega-3

Oily fish like salmon and mackerel are a valuable source of omega-3 ‘essential’ fatty acids, which play a key role in supporting overall health. They regulate normal blood pressure[5], fight inflammation[6], boost brain health and attention levels[7] and may even ease joint and muscle pain[8]. This is all beneficial for your body to function at its best.

Getting them from whole foods – such as fatty fish two times per week — is the best way to guarantee you’re giving your body enough, however, you can also look to supplements. Choose one that contains omega-3 EPA and DHA for the most effective form of omega-3.

5. Get Adequate Sleep

Studies suggest that inadequate sleep can significantly lower test levels[9]. Testosterone is naturally released within the first few hours of waking up – so by setting yourself up with a regular sleep routine, you’ll achieve a better circadian rhythm, resulting in greater and more consistent T levels.

Make this one of your most important healthy habits to start in the new year. Be sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night to maintain healthy levels of testosterone and give your body the stamina needed to power you through your day.

The Bottom Line

Taking up new healthy habits isn’t easy, it can take time. The key to pulling it all together is to start small rather than doing too much at once. Picking too many too quickly is unrealistic.   

Try one habit a week, see if you can do it daily, and keep practicing it until you can add further healthy habits. After a few weeks[10], the habits should become ingrained and a normal part of your daily routine – in fact, you won’t even need to think about it.

Picking up a new healthy habit is a skill – so learn a new skill for 2022 and start feeling healthier, more energized and happier!












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