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Why You Should

Ever Treat Low
Testosterone with
Hormone Replacement


If you’re a logical man, and you’re thinking about taking a T-Boosting supplement, then the question that may have occurred to you is:

“Why bother to take nutrients that boost testosterone? Why not take testosterone directly?”

The short answer is:

testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can be extremely hazardous to your health. It’s much safer to attain higher T levels by taking nutrients proven to boost testosterone production naturally within the human body than to consume the hormone

Here’s the story

Testosterone replacement therapy is the intake of testosterone directly into your body where it then enters the bloodstream. The forms of TRT include injections, patches, gels, and pills. TRT was first made available as a patch, but it caused skin irritation in as many as one out of four men who wore the patches.

Men who used testosterone gel were warned to wash their hands after application and not allow anyone to touch them on the skin where the gel was applied. Reason: If a woman or child comes in contact with testosterone gel, it can cause side effects including hair growth and premature puberty.

Oral testosterone is available in Canada and Europe, but not in the U.S., where it is banned because directly ingesting testosterone can cause liver toxicity. The FDA classifies testosterone as a controlled substance, so it is more tightly regulated than vitamins and minerals.

Another mode of oral testosterone therapy, Striant, comes in a tablet that is applied to the upper gums. While it is more effective than patches at boosting testosterone levels, Striant can cause gum or mouth irritation, pain, and tenderness. Again, care must be taken to ensure no woman or child comes in contact with the hormone.

But the prognosis for using TRT to boost declining testosterone levels gets worse. To begin with, testosterone therapy can elevate your red blood cell count. This in turn can thicken the blood, putting you at greater risk for stroke and heart attack. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) examined 1,223 men with low testosterone levels who were about 60 years old.

The JAMA study found that those men in the group who took testosterone replacement therapy had a 30% increase in risk of stroke and heart attack vs. men in the group who did not do TRT. Other side effects of testosterone therapy can include sleep apnea, acne, and gynecomastia – male breast enlargement.

While there is little evidence of any link between testosterone therapy and prostate cancer, some physicians believe the issue is still on the table – and urge patients getting TRT to check their PSA levels once or twice a year.

Another study, published in the New England Journal of American, examined the effect of testosterone gel in men 65 and older. It was discontinued when participants experienced cardiac, respiratory, and skin problems. Many did, however, experience an increase in muscle strength before the study was halted.

Here’s the worst thing about TRT: using a testosterone patch, pill, gel, or injection for even just a couple of weeks can shut down the natural testosterone-producing actions of your pituitary gland, hypothalamus, and gonads. Your body stops making testosterone, and your testicles decrease in size. And the longer you stay on testosterone replacement therapy, the more difficult it is for your body to resume natural testosterone production should you ever stop using TRT. Yikes!

So what are we to conclude?

Countless clinical studies prove that low testosterone has many adverse effects including muscle loss, weight gain, low libido, irritability, fatigue, and mental decline. And, starting at around age 30, your testosterone levels decline with each passing year.

Yet reversing the decline by taking testosterone directly – either ingesting it as a pill, through injection, or by applying a gel or patch – is downright dangerous, risking liver toxicity, stroke, heart attack, and other ills.

The solution: Make some nutritional, exercise, and other lifestyle changes that can elevate your testosterone levels naturally. Take healthy nutrients – herbs, amino acids, minerals, vitamins – that trigger your body to produce new testosterone as nature intended.

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